Things You Probably Didn't Know Medicare Advantage Covers

Things You Probably Didn't Know Medicare Advantage Covers
Medicare Medicare Supplement

Healthcare spending in the United States per year hits more than $10,000 per person! You could take on this bill yourself without the right insurance policy. That's why Medicare policies already enroll more than 44 million people.

However, you need to consider what a policy would protect you when considering health insurance.

In 1965, when Medicare insurance was first introduced, its provision was even more fundamental than it is today. This was partly because the life expectancy of people was lower, so the coverage they required was less complicated and detailed. Today, using various Medicare programs, you can get coverage for a broad variety of medications and health services.

Want more information? You're in the right place then! Read on to find out five shocking things from Medicare that you will get coverage for!

Insurance Policies for Medicare: The Basics There are four key plans for Medicare that you can sign up for. They are:


Medicare Part A, covering basic medical expenses

Medicare Part B, which covers the costs of outpatient treatment

Medicare Part C, which incorporates Part A and Part B coverage and offers enhanced coverage and benefits,

Medicare Part D, which requires the cost of prescription drugs


You must sign up for the Original Medicare Plans when signing up for Medicare. Parts A and B are included. This is often referred to as the Medicare Advantage policy if you sign up for Medicare Part C.

Many individuals also opt to apply to a Medicare supplement insurance policy called Medigap. When paying medical bills for out-of-pocket payments, such as copays or deductibles, this will benefit you.

With that in mind, let's take a look at surprising things from Medicare that you can get coverage for and which policies they come with.




People also say that prevention is better than a cure when it comes to medicine. After all, preventing disease entirely would save you time and a hospital bill for treatment.

This is why, in modern medicine, vaccines play such an important part. We have been using these handy injections to prevent common yet deadly diseases ever since the world's first vaccine developed.


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You may have to choose between forking out for vaccines or risking becoming ill without medical insurance. But you won't have to make a decision like that with Medicare Part B.

The cost of basic vaccinations, such as flu and hepatitis vaccines, is covered by this part of Medicare.


Mental Healthcare Coverage


Just as critical as your physical wellbeing is your mental health. Thankfully, the expense of Part B of Medicare would guarantee that you have access to all the services you need for mental wellbeing.

You are covered by this Medicare program for:


Outpatient therapies such as counseling and access to support groups

Inpatient rehabilitation

Stays in mental health specialist facilities


This means that no matter the problem, you'll still have someone you can reach out to for Medicare Part B coverage.


Surprising Things Your Medicare Insurance Can Cover


Dental Care Coverage


As an integral part of the healthcare regime, a lot of people neglect dental treatment. Perhaps this is because we don't see dentists working in hospitals much. Nevertheless, it is incredibly vital for your overall well-being to take care of your oral hygiene.

Seeing your dentist regularly allows you as easily as possible to pick up on problems in your teeth. As soon as they occur, they can deal with any concerns, which will save you later down the road from a lot of pain and discomfort.

In picking up other severe medical problems, such as oral cancer, dentists also play an important role. So it is an utter must to see yours occasionally.

For dentist visits, treatments, and emergency dental work, signing up for Medicare Part C would protect you.


Learn More About Dental Coverage Here


Blood Transfusions


4.5 million people receive a blood transfusion per year in the United States. If you have lost a lot of blood in an accident or if you have an infection, this can occur. Whatever the cause, in hospitals, blood transfusions still happen, but they are not covered by plans for Medicare Part A.

Luckily, however, by signing up for Medicare Parts F, G, or N., you can get coverage. These are components of the plan for the Medigap supplement.

When you sign up for this, the first three pints of blood required in a transfusion will be covered by your policy.


Hospice Care


The value of hospice care can never be overlooked in the healthcare system. At the end of their lives, hospices offer critical support and treatment for patients and their families.

The last thing you want to be worried about is your medical bill during this time.

Fortunately, across the country, there are plenty of Medicare-approved hospices. An Original Medical Policy includes these. This involves patients needing palliative treatment for:


Access to speech, physical, or occupational therapy

Use of medical supplies and equipment

Support from doctors and nurses

Up to five days of respite care at a time for your caregiver

Short-term inpatient care

Nutrition counseling

Prescription medicines


The cost of social work services and grief therapy for you and your family members will also be covered by your Medicare Part A.


Get the coverage you need today!

Signing up for Medicare insurance would give you a lot more coverage than you would imagine when it comes to taking care of your long-term health! This suggests that the treatment you need can be prioritized instead of thinking about medical bills.

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