Tips on How to Lower Your Medicare Premiums

Tips on How to Lower Your Medicare Premiums

Often, Medicare premiums come as a shock to new Medicare recipients. You may have noticed that the federal government has been deducting taxes for years from your paychecks. And yes, these deductions go into paying your future payments for Medicare Part A as well as your income checks from Social Security.

Your Medicare Part B premiums or Medicare Part D premiums are what those taxes DON'T go towards. Too many individuals are shocked and unprepared to pay even $135.50 in base premiums in 2019, let alone more if they have higher salaries than significantly raise those premiums.

Luckily, there are a few options to lower the Medicare premiums or receive help from Medicare to cover those premiums. Consider certain options to reduce your Medicare premiums if you are having trouble paying premiums for Medicare.


Subsidy for Low Income 


You will also be eligible to apply for the ability to minimize Medicare Part D premiums through the low-income reimbursement program if your income is not low enough to apply for one of the Medicaid / Medicare Savings programs. This service aids with covering premiums, deductibles, coverage, copays, and coinsurance for your Part D.

It is entirely unaware of many beneficiaries that would apply for this service. However, it is estimated that up to $4,000 in Medicare Part D premiums will be saved by eligible beneficiaries.

You will learn that the copays on the drugs are drastically decreased when you are given the low-income subsidy. You can also pay little to no premiums for your preferred Part D package, depending on your subsidy qualification standard.


Medicare Premium deduction from your taxes


Are Medicare premiums tax-deductible? Yeah, under the correct situations, Medicare premiums may be withheld from income.

If you have had enough medical expenses to file an itemized deduction on your Form 1040. for medical expenses. In fact, most health insurance premiums will qualify for a Schedule A deduction on your 1040, including Medicare supplement premiums, too, but only if your medical cost is above a certain threshold in that year.

This suggests that you would have had ample net medical costs to file an itemized deduction on your Form 1040.

You must have cumulative eligible expenditures in 2019 that surpass 10% of your adjusted gross revenue. Keep this in mind during years when you have more medical use than others, and while planning to file your IRS tax return, mention it to your accountant or CPA.

Self-employed people will be able to deduct 100% of their premiums. Whether you work for yourself or run your own business, consult with your CPA or accountant for more information.


7  Ways to Lower Your Medicare Premium


Pay Medicare Premiums with your HSA


Many people turning 65 today are starting their retirement years with money that they have invested during their working years in a health savings account. These days, several employers have high-deductible insurance plans that allow workers to open a health savings account and contribute to it.

The money you invest in a health savings account will forever be your money. When you use the money for eligible medical costs, funds you contribute go tax-free and even come out tax-free.

Medicare premiums are one of the qualified medical costs that you will use HSA funds for. Out of your HSA account, you can pay your Medicare Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D premiums. However, in order to pay for your Medigap premiums, you should not use your HSA.

Since you have never paid tax on that income, what you pay for your Medicare premiums is effectively reduced.


File a Medicare IRMAA Appeal


You will be entitled to appeal if you are one of the beneficiaries who pay more of their Medicare Part B and Medical Part  D premiums because of higher incomes. Social Security bases your Medicare payments on the gross income of your updated adjusted household from 2 years before now.

But how are premiums measured for Medicare? Actually, if your IRS tax return from 2 years ago indicates that you received more than $85,000 as an individual or jointly filed $170,000, then a higher premium would be levied.

This is referred to as an Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount and Medicare premiums will cost a bundle for high-income individuals who are assessed an IRMAA.

The most common explanation of why higher Medicare premiums are assessed by individuals is that they have recently retired. Two years ago, their compensation was higher than it is now that they are retired.

To appeal to the Medicare IRMAA, you should file a reconsideration request. Social Security will request evidence of the higher income then versus now. If your wages can be seen to be lower than before, Social Security can decrease certain premiums for you and minimize or cancel your IRMAA


With Part B Premium Reduction Medicare Advantage


You must be enrolled in both Medicare Parts A and B first unless you choose to participate in a Medicare Supplement or a Medicare Advantage plan. That means that even though you enroll in a low-premium Medicare Advantage plan, you pay each month for Part B.

However, there are some Medicare Advantage plans in some states, particularly in Florida, that not only have a zero premium but also give you a reduction in the Part B premium.

The way this works is that a percentage of your Part B premiums are paid for by the Advantage package. For instance, if you participated in an Advantage plan with a monthly Part B premium reduction of $60, then you will pay just $75.50 / month for that calendar year instead of paying $135.50 for Part B.

Be aware that each year this reduction amount is subject to adjustment, so it may be that in future years the reduction amount raises or decreases. This is to make sure you are conscious that a Medicare Advantage package that really fits you in all the other ways should be selected.

You need to get your physicians on the network and your prescriptions on the list of ways. But if you can find one that has all the right characteristics and advantages and decreases your Part B premium as well, then that's a win-win.


Part-time income to pay the premiums for Medicare


So, what would you do to lower Medicare rates if you don't have any of these other things? Well, to help you pay for those Part B and D premiums, you might consider generating some part-time income.

This is simpler than ever in today's digital world. Right in your own neighborhood, you can pet-sit or dog-walk. As a second language, you can sign up online to tutor international students in English. To cover the $135.50 / month Part B premium, you should drive for Uber a few hours a month will be enough.



Get Help paying premiums from Medicare


Medicare premium assistance through the Medicare Savings Programs is available. These services will provide help with the payment of premiums for your Medicare Part B and D.

At the Department of Health and Human Services offices in your state, you will apply via the Medicaid office.


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