You Need In-Home Health Care. Does Medicare Cover That?

You Need In-Home Health Care. Does Medicare Cover That?
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Understandably, as they mature, many individuals continue to retain as much freedom as possible, which includes living comfortably in their own homes to the extent possible. This is a profoundly personal decision and one that can be difficult to make for seniors, friends, and carers. The main factor is knowing, either directly out of pocket or as provided by Medicare, what kind of assistance and treatment you have available. For many, seeking alternative living arrangements that allow them to stay healthy while retaining as much independence as possible can be difficult without the right kind of assistance.


Home Health Benefits Covered by Medicare


If these are the only services you need, Medicare's Home Health coverage does not provide essential services such as home cleaning, cooking, meal delivery, etc. Medicare Advantage (MA) programs have been gradually widening their home health packages, however. You should ask the Medicare Advantage plan or the MA plans you are considering to clarify what is and what is not covered if you have particular needs.


Understand that Medicare benefits are usually targeted at short-term treatment (such as recovery-centered services) rather than long-term care assistance when you try to grasp the distinctions.


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Does Medicare Cover Home Health Care?


You may be eligible for short-term care at home, but short-term care in a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) may be a more likely choice, depending on your or your loved one's situation. There are some important points to understand. Read more about Medicare Part A for more information


At the end of the day, it is important to consider what's included and what's not if you're in a situation where you're considering home health care for yourself or your loved ones. And to remember that the benefits included are generally directed at rehabilitation in the short term. If you or your loved one are looking for assistance for a sustained period of time, Medicare benefits are not necessarily inadequate to meet such needs. Visit our Medicare FAQs to read more about what's included and what's not.


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