Guide: Medicare Advantage 101

Guide: Medicare Advantage 101

For those who are willing to sign up for Medicare, Medicare Advantage, also known as "Medicare Part C," is more of a catch-all option. Medicare Advantage services are sold by private insurers in accordance with the Medicare program instead of being one package (featuring only government programs).


What are the guidelines?

Medicare pays the firm that sells your Medicare Advantage (MA) package for a fixed amount of your health insurance. Beyond that, different out-of-pocket fees are required for each MA plan. Those fees can vary from one plan to another.

Depending on the package, when applying for a medical referral to get help from a doctor or if you are getting non-urgent care (even from health care providers within the package), you will have various guidelines that you need to obey.

It's also important to note that from year to year, rules, specifications, and features can change. It will be crucial to ensure that any care you need is consistent with those changes.

Medicare Advantage 101


What's inside them?

Medicare Advantage plans provide special features to their customers, in addition to signing up for Medicare Part A (hospital stays) and Medicare Part B (medical coverage). This sometimes, but not always, concerns the prescription drug coverage for Medicare Part D.

Medicare Advantage plans have coverage for areas not usually offered under standard Medicare plans in some instances. This can provide insurance for dental, hearing, and vision.


And what about my prescriptions?

Although most Medicare Advantage plans provide prescription drug coverage for Part D, some do not. For Medicare Medical Savings Account plans, one example would be You have the option to enter a separate Medicare Prescription Drug Plan in situations where the scheme does not or decides not to provide prescription drug coverage.

When you explore the options for Medicare Advantage plans, you will undoubtedly have a range of questions and concerns. Discuss these with a trusted financial advisor who can assist you in making decisions that suit your lifestyle best.


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