Heart-Healthy Tips for Seniors

Heart-Healthy Tips for Seniors
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According to the CDC, heart disease is the leading cause of mortality in people aged 65 and up. Heart disease is extremely harmful to seniors who have other chronic conditions; according to the American Heart Association, at least 68 percent of those over 65 who have diabetes will die of heart disease.

Although heart disease is frequent among the elderly, it is preventable. This American Heart Month, here are some food and activity suggestions for seniors to keep their hearts healthy.



Prepare your meals in advance


If you plan your meals at the beginning of the week, you’ll be more likely to keep up your healthy eating habits rather than go out for food or order in. The freezer is your friend: consider preparing a week’s worth of heart-healthy dinners, then pull them out on the day you want to eat them.



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Start by making a minor meal swap


Continue to savor your baked goods—in moderation. Unsweetened applesauce can be substituted for butter or margarine. The treats will still be delightful, but they will be lower in saturated fat.

Substitute quinoa for white rice. Quinoa is a high-protein, high-fiber whole-grain superfood. It has 5 more grams of fiber and doubles the protein of rice, as well as a lower carbohydrate content—and it tastes delicious.

Instead of salt, try using spices. To avoid the raised blood pressure that comes with salt, use garlic powder or a salt-free spice blend to add some taste to your food.


Avoid fad diets in favor of a well-balanced diet


Making sure to acquire enough nourishment is something that many older folks overlook, yet it becomes increasingly vital as we age. Our bodies don't absorb nutrients as well as they used to as we become older, raising the risk of malnutrition. You should eat more of some foods and less of others to stay healthy. Avoid one-size-fits-all fad diets, even if you're attempting to reduce weight or lower your cholesterol. Instead, focus on a well-balanced diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, healthy grains, and lean animal sources.

Nutritional specialists have researched the Mediterranean diet, which consists of these simple whole foods, and found that it helps to avoid heart attacks and strokes.


Heart-Healthy Tips for Seniors



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Include all three of these parts in your workout: cardio, strength, and mobility


To gain optimal advantages for your heart and general health, your workout regimen should combine cardio, strength training, and stretching.


Experiment with a different sort of heart-healthy cardio


Every week, older persons should engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity (such as brisk walking) or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity (such as jogging or running), or a combination of the two. Try water aerobics or swimming for a low-impact workout. Before beginning a training routine, see your doctor if you have any chronic illnesses. When it comes to increasing exercise intensity and duration, it's always best to start low and work your way up.


Remember to utilize weights

an lower your risk of heart attack or stroke. Furthermore, keeping your strength can help you avoid injuries, enhance your balance and mobility, and possibly alleviate arthritic discomfort. Strength training can also be done through pilates or yoga.




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