How To Talk To Your Parents About Medicare?

How To Talk To Your Parents About Medicare?

Many people's first contact with Medicare is assisting their parents in navigating the system. Medicare's annual open enrollment period is approaching. Now is the moment to educate yourself about the possibilities and decisions that your parents must make. For coverage in 2021, open enrollment runs from October 15 to December 7.

Although government insurance can be perplexing at first, there are several steps you can take to ensure that your parents receive the coverage that best meets their needs.


Open Enrollment: An Overview


There is numerous information of about sources accessible. Going straight to the source on their official website might assist you to comprehend the choices your parents must make during open enrollment. This is the time for your parents to compare plans, shop, and enroll in a plan for the next year.

Going with Traditional Medicare is usually not the best option; nevertheless, Medicare Advantage programs have benefits.


What can you do during the open enrollment period?


You can do the following during open enrollment for Advantage plans (Medicare Part C) and prescription medication coverage (Medicare Part D):

  • Change from an Advantage plan that doesn't include drug coverage to one that does, or vice versa.

  • Enroll in a Medicare prescription drug plan or drop coverage altogether.

  • Change from one prescription drug plan to another

  • Switch from Original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage plan or the other way around.

  • Change your Advantage plans


Call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) or go to to learn more about Medicare plans and compare them.


They should stick to the vendors they know and trust


The majority of people your parents' age have a long-term doctor they entrust with their health.

If your parents have a long-term relationship with a physician, it's critical that they double-check that their doctor participates in the plan they select. If not, find a plan that does. Alternatively, they should check to see if there is a physician in the network with whom they are comfortable.


Also Read Tips on How To Choose A Primary Care Doctor


What are your parents' requirements?


You should ask your parents some questions about the type of coverage they require depending on their current health situation.

  • Do they have any medical issues that necessitate disease management?

  • Do they desire dental, vision, hearing, or well-being benefits?

  • Do they require coverage for prescription drugs?

  • How much money do they have?


Look for any gaps in coverage for your parents' ongoing chronic disease management or pricey medications.


Keep In Touch with a Medicare professional


Take advantage of free official information guides, such as the Official United States Government Medicare Handbook, when conducting your study.

In addition, in unusual cases, a skilled health insurance specialist can be really helpful. Just be wary of any potential for sales bias or Medicare scam.

The good news is that every state has a government-funded resource. The Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP) provides free health insurance counseling to Medicare seniors and their caregivers across the country. SHIP offers confidential, one-on-one counseling and support.


All you have to do is be there for your parents


It will take time and effort to manage your parents' insurance coverage, but it is a critical period in their life. Their health-care coverage choices now and in the future may have an impact on their health and financial security.

Start the dialogue with them today, and encourage them to select the coverage that will be most beneficial to them in the present and future.



To Learn More About Medicare Coverage

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