Medicare: What Happens When I Move?

Medicare: What Happens When I Move?

Life happens sometimes. Perhaps you have a new career, or maybe you're retiring, or maybe you want to be closer to your family or move interstate. No matter why you can qualify for a specific Special Enrollment Period if you are moving and have Medicare coverage so you can make some adjustments.

When You Move: Medicare Advantage and Part D Plans 

Geographical boundaries are given for Medicare Advantage and Part D plans. What happens to your Medicare coverage and what you can do as a result depends on where you go.

If you move to a new city that's within the network of your strategy, you can:

  • Drop your new Medicare Advantage plan and return to Original Medicare only (make sure that you still enroll in a Part D plan to retain prescription drug coverage in this case.)

  • Enroll in or move to another package for Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D

  • Hold your existing plan for Medicare Advantage or Part D

You will lose your Medicare Advantage or Part D coverage if you move to a new city that is outside of the network of your plan. In this situation, you either have to enroll in a new plan or choose to return to Original Medicare if you have a Medicare Advantage plan and then enroll in a Part D plan. 

You have the following options in this situation:

  • Drop your coverage for Medicare Advantage and go back to Original Medicare when you switch

  • Enroll in a new strategy for Part D

  • Register for a new Medicare Advantage plan

Will Medicare be traveling with you?

Medicare Part A and Part B will still fly with you. But you may lose your existing plan and need to enroll in a new one for Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans and Part D prescription drug plans. However, you do have some choices here.

When is the start of your special enrollment period?

Your SEP will begin, according to Medicare, depending on when you inform your plan provider of your transfer.

Your SEP starts the month before you move and lasts up to two full months after you move if you contact your plan provider before you move.

If you contact your coverage provider after you move, the month you tell your plan starts with your SEP to transfer to another Medicare Advantage or Part D plan, plus two more complete months afterward.

You may choose to start coverage any time between the first day of the month you have moved (as long as you have submitted a competing application) and up to three months after the completed enrollment application is issued by your Medicare Advantage or Part D plan.

Enrolling During A Special Enrollment Period

You can get a two-month Special Enrollment Period (SEP) when you pass or experience another kind of qualifying life event. You can join, modify, or remove a Medicare Advantage or Part D prescription drug plan via this form of Special Enrollment Period.

How to enroll in a new Medicare Plan

You'll need to find out what your coverage choices or options are in your new region to make improvements to your Medicare Advantage plan or Part D plan. Details about the available plans can be accessed here (just enter your zip code) or by calling our customer service number at CALL (844) 731-6614 to inquire about specific plans.

How to enroll in a new Medicare Plan

If you are dual-eligible and qualified for both Medicare and Medicaid, to find out your Medicaid insurance choices, you may need to contact the state you are going to live in. And if you are interested in a special needs dual qualifying package, which is a plan that includes the benefits of Medicare and Medicaid, as well as extra benefits such as dental or vision care that are often provided. For data and the availability of dual plans, you may need to contact the private plan provider.

If you need additional assistance in locating a Medicare plan or if you have general Medicare queries, contact the State Health Insurance Assistance Program  (SHIP).

It's a good idea to figure out your Medicare coverage as soon as possible and think about all your available choices for your new place if you're looking to relocate in the near future.


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