Tips on How to Manage Arthritis for Seniors

Tips on How to Manage Arthritis for Seniors

It can be difficult to conduct daily duties when you have arthritis especially for seniors. It might be tough to work, participate in activities, and spend time with loved ones and others while you are suffering from chronic pain or feeling out of control of your body. Learning how to manage your arthritis effectively can benefit you physically, emotionally, and financially.

While treatment plans differ from one patient to the next, there are some lifestyle adjustments you can do to help you manage your arthritis better.


Organize Yourself


The Arthritis Foundation's mission is to develop "research, advocacy, and disease management assistance" to assist you and others with arthritis in navigating the problems they confront, and to empower you to take a more active part in your own care. Self-management, according to the organization, is about making good lifestyle choices and learning to manage the physical and emotional impacts of arthritis.

To encourage self-management, the foundation has developed a Health Tracker that allows you to collect data that might help you make better healthcare decisions.

The tracker aids in the management of a number of parameters, including your ability to do everyday duties, pain levels, sleep patterns, and emotional well-being.


Tap Into Your Emotions


Chronic pain can have a negative impact on mood and behavior, which is to be expected to some level. If unpleasant emotions start to overpower you, it's critical to find a healthy outlet for them. There are several therapies available, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which combines talk therapy and behavior modification to help you change your thoughts and actions; relaxation therapy, which includes yoga, meditation, deep breathing, and nature walks to help you relax; acupuncture, which is an Eastern medicine treatment that can help manage chronic pain; and regular massages to temporarily relieve pain.


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Tips on How to Manage Arthritis for Seniors


Embrace Physical Activity


“Physical activity is a simple and effective, non-drug strategy to reduce arthritic pain,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Exercise can aid in the relief of chronic pain, the expansion of the range of motion, the elevation of mood, and the enhancement of overall quality of life. Walking, swimming, and other aerobic activities, as well as muscle-strengthening exercises like lifting weights and flexibility exercises like stretching and yoga, are all excellent ways to manage arthritis without causing joint damage. High-impact activities like sprinting, jumping, and tennis, on the other hand, should be avoided to avoid arthritis flare-ups.



What to Stay Away From


Managing your weight and making an attempt to lose weight can have a favorable impact on your condition and stop smoking, which puts stress on your connective tissues, and that you stop focusing on the bad elements of your disease, as they "may increase your suffering and risk of disability."



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