Understanding Medicare Part D Insulin Price Cap

Understanding Medicare Part D Insulin Price Cap
Medicare Part D

Select Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans that offer medications (MAPD) plans will provide widespread access to a wide selection of insulin types for a maximum payment of $35 for a 30-day supply beginning in 2021. This is a significant saving over the prior price.

These savings are available under the "Part D Senior Savings Model." The goal of this model is to make insulin more inexpensive and predictable.

Over 3.3 million Medicare users, according to CMS, utilize one or more of the main insulin types. Insulin is a necessary aspect of their medical treatment for some of them. If you can't receive it, you're in danger of major health problems like kidney failure and vision loss, as well as heart attacks.

Despite this, insulin is sometimes prohibitively expensive, making diabetes treatment difficult and even pushing users to accept a lower dose.


Original Medicare covers the cost of insulin.

You are responsible for the entire cost of insulin unless used with an insulin pump, then you pay 20 percent of the Medicare-approved amount, and the Part B deductible applies. Unless you have Medicare Part D, you must also pay 100% for syringes and needles.

Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage with drug coverage can save you money on insulin According to the CMS, around 30% of all Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans with medication coverage will cover various forms of insulin for a monthly co-pay of $35. This will be the case for practically the whole duration of your prescription coverage:


  • Coverage Gap aka Donut Hole

  • Initial Deductible

  • Initial Coverage


Understanding Medicare Part D Insulin Price Cap


During the Catastrophic Coverage Phase, the price of insulin will fluctuate. If you achieve it, you'll have to pay 5% of the retail medicine price.


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Restriction on Medicare Part D of the Enhanced Plan

This new insulin benefit will be available only in enhanced Part D plans and select MAPD plans. According to CMS, the average monthly premium for basic Medicare drug plans is $33, while the average monthly premium for enhanced Medicare drug plans is $51. Currently, 54 percent of individuals registered in prescription drug insurance are already enrolled in a Part D plan with improved benefits.

Similarly, beneficiaries who are eligible for the Medicare Part D Extra Help program or the Low-Income-Subsidy program are not eligible for this offer. The reason for this is that most LIS enrollees already pay an $8.95 co-payment.


What is the difference between basic and enhanced Medicare Part D plans?

When compared to basic Part D insurance, enhanced plans can offer a lower deductible, with the current typical deductible being $445. They can also cut cost-sharing, which is now set at 25%. Finally, they can provide a higher beginning coverage limit, which at the time of writing was $4,130.

This new model is estimated to save patients roughly $446 per year in insulin expenditures, according to CMS.

The fact that enhanced Part D plans have higher monthly rates than basic Part D plans should be a source of concern. Beneficiaries will, however, benefit from other savings in these improved plans, including a lower deductible, as previously noted.



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