What is Holiday Depression And How to Handle Them?

What is Holiday Depression And How to Handle Them?

Although certain holiday mental health statistics are inaccurate, suicide rates are lowest from November to January, the holidays may be a stressful and melancholy time for many people. Even individuals who claim to be happy and loved over the holidays admit to feeling overwhelmed, pressured, and other negative emotions. We'll go through some frequent scenarios and how to deal with holiday depression.


Holidays and Grief

If this is your first holiday season since losing a loved one, you're probably feeling the pain right now.

Coping with Loss During the Holidays

Don't be frightened to express your emotions. It's natural to feel melancholy at any time. Allow yourself to cry or express your feelings in any way that seems right to you. Don't skip sessions with a support group or a grief counselor if you have one. You might want to add an extra session to your schedule.

Volunteering can also be beneficial in this case. Doing things for others allows us to step outside of our own self. Volunteering can range from the formal, such as working with the homeless, to the informal, such as mowing your neighbor's yard or shopping for items to present to a children's charity.


Concerns About Money

It's all too easy to become overwhelmed by money, especially in the final two months of the year. Extra food is available. Decorations are important. Gifts are a nice touch. Travel is something we enjoy doing. There are so many extra costs, and they quickly pile up.

Dealing with Financial Stress

Make a spending plan and stick to it. Nobody wants you to fall into debt or lose sleep over how you're going to pay for their present. Is that something you'd like to do for someone else?

When it comes to gift-giving on a budget, it's possible that your family will draw names from a hat and just buy for one individual. Make your own gifts. Insert a photo into a lovely frame from a thrift store. Make a scrapbook, photo album, or memory book with your photos. You may come up with various inexpensive alternatives to the same old-same old store-bought gift with a little thought.


Holiday Depression Can Be Caused By Feeling Overwhelmed

Normal living does not come to an end just because the holidays are approaching. You still have all of your regular responsibilities and obligations, but there's no extra shopping, cooking, events, and other activities. It's pretty common to feel overwhelmed around the holidays.

How to Deal with Overwhelmed Feelings During the Holidays

The first step, especially if your regular routine is fairly full, is to plan. Make a list of the days you'll go shopping, entertaining, baking, and so on. Prepare a menu for the major days and make a shopping list to avoid last-minute runs to the supermarket.

It's also a good idea to keep in mind that "No." is a complete statement. When we agree to do something we don't want to do, we often feel resentful, which adds to the stress. And you don't need a "good cause" to refuse something. Even if your main intention was to unwind with a nice book or watch TV, simply not wanting to do something is sufficient to cause you to avoid it.


What is Holiday Depression And How to Handle Them?



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Depression is frequently caused by a sense of social isolation

The holidays are known for their large family gatherings and numerous parties. However, for many of us, family is dispersed throughout the globe. Furthermore, as people get older, their social connections shrink, especially after retirement. People frequently feel socially isolated as a result of these factors.

People tend to withdraw when this happens, which makes them feel even more detached and lonely. They may also believe that everyone else is having a good time and is cheerful.

How to Deal with Isolation

Reaching out to people is the quickest method to feel less lonely. Give your family or friends a call if you have any. Don't wait for someone to call or make arrangements for you.

You might also find a sense of belonging in your own neighborhood. Participate in activities, volunteer your time, and join a club or group. You have a lot of possibilities; all you have to do is know where to look for them.


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Holidays Never Live Up to Their Expectation

The most melancholy aspect of the holidays is that they aren't always as enjoyable as we had hoped. Few holidays resemble those depicted on television or in movies. Families don't only bicker; they grow and decrease when members marry, divorce, have children, and pass away. Then there are the minor irritations. It's perfectly normal, but it might still make you upset.

How to Keep Your Expectations in Check

It's important to remember that, as beautiful as those old rituals were, families, grow and adapt. You may have hosted every Christmas get-together or simply enjoyed attending others'. But, after all, the goal was to celebrate together, right? Being open to those adjustments may lead to the discovery of new traditions that you enjoy even more.



Seek assistance if you need it

Talk to your doctor if your depression persists, or if you get physically ill, can't sleep, or can't face your daily routine. Call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 if you are having suicidal thoughts.

Annual depression screenings are covered by Medicare if they are performed in a primary care environment. This is a place where you can get the follow-up care or be referred to a specialist.

For more information on your Medicare coverage, call us toll-free at (844) 731-6614



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