What happens if my Medigap plan is discontinued?

What happens if my Medigap plan is discontinued?
Medicare Medicare Supplement

Medicare supplement insurance policies, also known as Medigap plans, help pay for medical expenses not covered by Medicare. Deductibles, coinsurance, and co-payments are also covered by Medigap plans. Certain Medicare supplemental insurance plans can also cover expenses not covered by Medicare, such as medical services treatments while traveling outside of the US. The Medicare-approved portion of covered health expenses is paid by Medicare, and the remainder is paid by the supplemental insurance plan. If you discover that your Medicare supplement insurance plan has been terminated, there may be several explanations for this.


Guaranteed Issue Rights

You must apply for a new Medicare Supplement plan within 63 days of your coverage ending to keep your supplement Medicare coverage. If your old Medicare supplement plan was discontinued or canceled, you have a guaranteed issue right to purchase a new one. Your guaranteed issue right exists to safeguard you from medical underwriting. Medical underwriting entails the insurance provider gathering details about the medical background and assessing current or previous medical diagnoses or problems.


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Your insurance claim may be granted or denied based on the details gathered during the medical underwriting process. You could be refused coverage or face a higher premium if you are not covered from medical underwriting and have any pre-existing conditions. The insurance provider cannot use medical underwriting in making a decision on awarding you an insurance plan if you apply for your new Medicare plan within 63 days of the last supplemental plan ending or if you have guaranteed issue rights.


Guaranteed Renewable Plans


Medicare Supplement Plan is typically set to be renewable. This ensures that if you encounter new health problems, the plan would not be able to drop your coverage. The standard is guaranteed renewable Medicare supplemental insurance, which ensures that the insurance coverage will not drop you if you encounter new medical problems. Remember that if you purchased Medicare supplement insurance before 1992, the coverage will not be guaranteed to renew. If your insurance plan is not guaranteed renewable, your insurance provider will cancel it with the approval of your state government.


Loss of Situational Coverage


Certain circumstances and cases can result in you losing coverage. Your coverage may be terminated if your insurance company files for bankruptcy, your insurance company goes out of business, you provided incorrect information while applying for your plan, or you refused to pay your monthly premiums. You would be entitled to qualify for and buy a new supplemental Medicare insurance plan if your plan was canceled for reasons other than missed payments or presenting false details.

Medicare Supplement Plans are labeled by letters in the majority of states, which can include plan A, plan B, plan C, plan F, plan K, or plan L. To have proof of coverage termination, make copies and maintain track of notes, emails, and letters that your plan is indeed ending. When you apply for a new Medicare supplement plan, you will need these documents.



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