What You Need To Know About Medicare Summary Notice?

What You Need To Know About Medicare Summary Notice?
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Do you have a Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) that you got in the mail? Don't worry, getting one is standard policy. An MSN will be sent to anyone who is covered by Medicare. Your healthcare providers and hospitals will give Medicare direct bills for your healthcare services. The MSM lists these services.


What is Medicare Summary Notice

Your Medicare Summary Notice is a summary of all of your doctor appointments, prescription procedures, and supplies that were billed to Medicare in your name. Every three months, you'll receive a Medicare Summary note, which is a valuable piece of information to check.


Your MSN Account Isn't a Bill! - Since your Medicare Summary Notice is not a bill, don't give someone a check or charge.


We suggest that you compare the information on your MSN. Examine the MSM with your real receipts, medical expenses, and claims from your physicians, healthcare providers, and suppliers.


Check to see if everything is in order. Make a note of the following information:

  • Descriptions of services you received
  • Dates
  • Billing codes

It's possible that charges for services and supplies you didn't know you got will appear on your MSN, and they'll be legitimate. They are frequently items like examinations or medical appointments. However, the dates mentioned and their codes should, for the most part, match. If the codes aren't specified on your provider's paperwork, simply request copies of the codes included.

What Will You Find On The MSM?

The MSM contains more information than just the medical treatment you've received in the last three months.


MSN Checklist

The sum of money you will be expected to contribute to healthcare providers directly. This is shown in the field "You May Be Bille" (Your providers will send you a bill; DO NOT pay anything until you receive a bill from them.)

The sum that your doctors directly paid Medicare for their services. (Your costs will not be shown in the "Amount Charged" field.)

All non-covered charges. This area will show you any charges for programs that are either excluded (not covered) or rejected by Medicare. If this field has a value of $0.00, there were no programs that were excluded or rejected. If you see a fee in this field, you are responsible for paying it. If you disagree with a non-covered fee, you may file an appeal.


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Is it necessary to keep Medicare Summary Notices for a certain period of time?

A decent rule of thumb is to keep your MSNs for at least 12 months. It enables you to track Medicare's payment history. The key reason to keep your MSM for a year is that Medicare allows all health-care applications to be made within 12 months of the date of service.


What Happens If A Service Is Denied?

If you notice that a service or item has been rejected, check with your doctor or other health care provider to see if the information was requested correctly. The doctor's office will resubmit if they haven't already.


Is it possible to obtain a copy of my Medicare Summary Notice Online?

Yes, you certainly can. MyMedicare.gov has your MSM available online. You'll be able to log in and see both the costs that Medicare will cover and the charges that you'll be liable for (or your supplemental insurance if you have a separate plan).

You have the right to file an appeal if you disagree with a decision taken. Take a look at the Medicare Summary Notice's last tab. It will walk you through how (and when) to file your appeal step by step.


If you need a copy of your MSM or have misplaced it, call 1-800-MEDICARE to order a replacement. You can also access your account through www.mymedicare.gov.


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