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Benefits that may surprise you

Medicare Supplement Insurance Enhance your Medicare coverage, choose your right plan

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Enhance your Medicare coverage, choose your right plan

Life Insurance

Protect your loved ones, leave them with choices – not expenses

Employer-based Plans

Give employees financial security with employee benefits and group investments

Benefits of Medicare Supplement Insurance

Your Doctors and Hospitals, Your Choice – Wherever You Are

Keep your doctors and hospitals. Any health care provider that accepts Medicare patients accepts Medicare Supplement insurance. You won’t have to worry about finding network providers or getting referrals to see specialists.

Travel the World with Confidence

Your eyes are your window to the world. Vision coverage included in many of our plans can help you protect them — and spot signs of other health problems. Many of our plans also include hearing exams. And some offer an annual allowance. This means you pay for select products and services and we reimburse you up to the allowance amount.

Take Your Coverage Coast-to-Coast

Just like Medicare, your Medicare supplement insurance covers your health care needs anywhere in the United States. That way, you can visit family and friends anywhere you choose.

Keep Your Coverage, Year After Year

Your Medicare Supplement insurance policy can’t be cancelled. It’ll be renewed as long as you pay the premiums on time.

Extra Benefits of a Mutual of Omaha CareAdvantage (HMO) Plan


Healthy teeth and gums are important to your overall health, that's why we include dental coverage that goes beyond the basics in our plans for no additional premium. Smile, we've got you covered!

Prescription Drug Plan

Prescription drug coverage (Part D) is included with our plans. We worked with pharmacies in your area to give you low copays on generic medications and many name brand prescriptions to help save you money.

No Copays for Most Labs or Tests

You want it to be easy and hassle-free to get the tests your doctor recommends. Your doctors want that, too. Mutual of Omaha CareAdvantage plans can help make you, your doctors and your wallet happy.


You want to stay healthy and active. That's why we include the SilverSneakers program in our Medicare Advantage plans. Use these gym memberships and classes to your healthy heart's content.


Our transportation benefit makes it easy to get to doctor and medical appointments. Sit back, relax, and let us get you where you need to go.


Our Medicare Advantage plans cover routine exams, glasses and contact lenses for no additional premium. You know a good plan when you see it!

Over The Counter Allowance

Our Medicare Advantage plans include a quarterly allowance to be spent on a wide variety of health-related products from non-prescription medications, to bandages, vitamins and more.