What Benefits Does Medicare Provide for Alzheimer’s Patients?

What Benefits Does Medicare Provide for Alzheimer’s Patients?

Medicare Part B includes the Annual Health Visit (AWV), during which Alzheimer's and other cognitive impairments will be examined by the doctor. During the first 12 months of getting Medicare Part B, you can get this health risk assessment. After that every 12 months, you can get corresponding Annual Wellness Visits. Now that you know how Alzheimer's is covered by Medicare, what is it exactly?


What is Alzheimer's disease?


The disorder is characterized by the Alzheimer's Association as:

A type of dementia that affects memory thought and thinking, and behavior is Alzheimer's Disease. Eventually, symptoms become severe enough to interfere with everyday activities.

Alzheimer's disease is irreversible and results in the gradual destruction of memory and cognitive skills. In addition, at about the age of 65, most individuals first show symptoms. It is also important that you receive a wellness visit every year.


What are some of the warning signs for Alzheimer's disease?


Three early signs that you may have Alzheimer's disease are the following:


  • Confusion with location or time - You can lose track of dates and time going by. An individual with Alzheimer's, for example, does not know the current day, month, or year. In addition, you may not be conscious of where you are or how you got there.

  • Memory loss interferes with your everyday life - You forget recently learned information. For example, you may forget what you ate for breakfast or repeat yourself in conversation. However, you are steadily losing your long-term memory as Alzheimer's progresses. Family members, sons, and daughters, for instance, become strangers to a person with late-stage Alzheimer's.

  • New issues with the speaking or writing of words - In the middle of a discussion, you may stop, not knowing how to proceed. You may have difficulty naming a familiar object in other situations. For instance,A person with Alzheimer's may call their son or daughter by a different name.



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Alzheimer's Disease


What can you do to prevent it?


A list of measures to maintain cognitive health. Good behaviors to decrease the risk of cognitive impairment are the following:


Good Healthy Habits


  • Get plenty of sleep each night, 7 to 9 hours. If you don't get a good night's sleep, you may be irritable the next day, have trouble with your memory, or be forgetful, and feel depressed.

  • Eat a healthy diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits.

  • Keep your mind active; engage in things such as hobbies that are personally meaningful. You may take a class, for instance, or learn a new skill. You can read books as well or play games.

  • Stop drinking a lot of alcohol. Too much alcohol will make older people forgetful and confused. In addition, these symptoms could be confused by your doctor for signs of Alzheimer's.


It can be demanding to change your habits. To help you make lifestyle changes, Medicare offers telehealth therapy.


Counseling from Medicare Telehealth


Some life events may result in difficulty sleeping, substance abuse, malnutrition, and weight gain, such as senior retirement or losing a spouse. Fortunately, seniors may get telehealth counseling through Medicare, which includes:


  • Treatment for alcohol dependence

  • Counseling on medical nutrition

  • Counseling for obesity


In addition, Medicare with a clinical psychologist covers psychotherapy. In-person or by telehealth programs, you may obtain assistance with anxiety and depression.

Counseling programs will help you make healthier improvements in your lifestyle and reduce the risk of cognitive decline. In addition, the progression of Alzheimer's disease may be delayed by participating in the above healthy activities.



Learn More About Alzheimer's disease and Medicare

Alzheimer's disease




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