Does Medicare Cover Dental Implants?

Does Medicare Cover Dental Implants?

Are you one of the many beneficiaries of Medicare who wants dental implants? You probably have some questions like, "Does Medicare cover dental implants" and, "Do dental implants cover by Medicare Supplements Plan?".


Does Medicare cover dental implants?


If you have Medicare coverage, then you're typically enrolled in Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. Unfortunately, Medicare Parts A & B, including dental implants, will usually not provide regular dental services. In other words, with the majority of dental care, you would not have coverage.


Medically Necessary


The only treatment that is found to be medically required would be covered for original Medicare. Medicare, for instance, will pay for such conditions as:

  • Pre-op dental test visits for surgery on kidney transplants or heart valves

  • Surgery for a fractured jaw

  • Oral Cancer Treatment

  • Hospitalized as a result of a dental related problem

  • An infected tooth needs to be removed. The removed tooth will be covered for by Medicare, but not for the replacement of that tooth.


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If you have a disease that, left untreated, may impair your health, such as the above cases, then you might be entitled to have a portion of the expenses covered by Medicare. It is crucial to stress that only serious oral health problems that affect the overall physical health of a person would be deemed a medically required operation.


Medicare can pay in rare circumstances for dental implants


We also can't provide a definitive response when we're asked whether Medicare will pay for a particular service or treatment like dental implants. The explanation is that it is not always easy to assess procedural coverage for Medicare. In other words, there are so many kinds of procedures that would directly rely on the individual needs of each patient.


Are dental implants covered by Medicare? It's very doubtful, but depending on your particular circumstance, it could be possible.


To find out, you'll need to talk about your situation with a dental surgeon who is a Medicare-approved provider. It can only be determined by the dentist or oral surgeon if Medicare can cover a particular dental implant procedure.


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This is a reasonable guideline to follow: if the dental operation is regular or only connected to a normal dental procedure such as a cavity or filling, then Medicare will not cover it.

However, if you need a dental operation or procedure to treat another medical or health condition, Original Medicare could cover it.


Do Dental Implants Cover by Medicare Supplement Plan?


Your Medicare Supplement plan, also known as Medigap, aims to account for the coverage holes that Original Medicare would not pay for. There are aspects that happen with Original Medicare, such as copays and co-insurance.

With Original Medicare, a Medicare Supplement plan operates and will only pay for Medicare-approved services. The bulk of dental care will not be provided for by Original Medicare. If dental treatment is not approved by Original Medicare, then a Medicare Supplement may not reimburse.

However, if it is medically appropriate for your dental treatment and approved by Original Medicare, then your Medicare Supplement plan will pay its part.


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