Questions to Ask after a Cancer Diagnosis

Questions to Ask after a Cancer Diagnosis

For a variety of reasons, the time following a cancer diagnosis can be difficult. You might have a million questions or be unsure where to start during your initial meeting with your oncologist.

At that moment, almost everyone is overwhelmed, and they can only process so much information. Those are common emotions and feelings.


Understanding your diagnosis


Early on, one of the most crucial conversations to have is about your specific cancer. The doctor will sit down with them and show them their scan images on a computer screen so they can see where the cancer is. They will also provide them with more information regarding their specific type of cancer, as each cancer is unique.

You can learn information from an oncologist that you can't learn anywhere else, such as where the cancer is located inside your body and how this may affect your therapy, the type of cancer you have, and any other personal factors that may influence your treatment plan.

Education is a crucial priority, particularly in the immediate aftermath of a cancer diagnosis. You may notice that your provider supplies you with this information on a regular basis. That's because they understand how tough it is to absorb information while you're stressed.


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They may repeat this to you a few times, but most patients need to hear it several times. They give patients time to think about things and keep returning to them.

A nurse navigator may accompany you to your initial appointment. You could also think about:


  • Prepare your questions ahead of time by writing them down or using one of the American Cancer Society's dialogue guides, such as this general one or this website about your specific form of cancer.

  • Bringing a friend or family member along to listen or take notes. If necessary, this person can attend in person or listen over the phone.

  • Taking notes or recording the chat on your phone so you can recall what your doctor said later.


Questions to Ask after a Cancer Diagnosis



Options for Treatment


Many people have concerns about not only the treatments that are available, but also how those treatments will affect them.

Chemotherapy side effects are a particular source of worry. They attempt to clarify and demystify the unknown since it is the most frightening thing.

You can also discuss problems that aren't medical with your oncologist or nurse navigator. It's sometimes just feasible for the patients, and that takes priority. Perhaps they are unable to drive and must travel for therapy.


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Talk to your physician if you have any questions or concerns about insurance, transportation, or other obstacles that may influence your ability to receive treatment. They may be able to put you in touch with support staff or other agencies that can assist you.



Steps to take next


Following a cancer diagnosis, the next steps are not usually the same. Before formulating a treatment plan, your provider may prescribe additional tests, such as imaging or biopsy, depending on your circumstances.

You may be rushed into surgery or treatment, such as chemotherapy or radiation, at other times. Whatever your scenario, you should leave your visit knowing exactly what you should do next and who you should contact if you have any questions.




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