The Benefits of Medicare Advantage Plans

The Benefits of Medicare Advantage Plans
Medicare Medicare Supplement

Medicare Advantage plans are programs that private insurance companies offer for health insurance. Medicare Advantage (MA) and Medicare Advantage with Prescription Drug Coverage (MAPD) are the two main types of plans. These types of plans should be known, as they are a common option among retirees because of their simplicity and a wide variety of additional benefits.

At the heart, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Advantage with Prescription Drug Coverage programs provide the same coverage given by Original Medicare. The value is seen in the one-stop-shop policy to address the needs of Medicare for seniors with a single package and added benefits. Plus, you can lower your premiums, pay a single low-cost or zero-dollar monthly fee, see your preferred health care providers, and receive extra benefits if you are enrolled in the correct plan for your needs.

All About Medicare Advantage Plan Networks

The Network of the Plan is one of the most important items to think about when considering a Medicare Advantage plan. Medicare Advantage policies operate the same way as a Health maintenance organization (HMO) or Preferred provider organization (PPO) plan you might have seen when on health insurance offered by the employer. The plan's network involves a specific collection of "in-network" suppliers and hospitals. Medicare Advantage with Prescription Drug Coverage plans can also note the pharmacies that are considered in-network.

One false assumption that is simple to make is that the network of a plan can be small and hence restricted in choices. The truth, however, is that most Medicare Advantage with Prescription Drug Coverage plans are very broad and often require several systems for hospitals and providers.

In fact, studies show that Medicare Advantage plans continue to extend their networks, and Medicare Advantage plans' success and growth encourages providers to remain part of the network of a plan.


Medicare Advantage Plans


Although it is true that at any point in the year, A Medical Advantage plan will adjust its list of doctors and physicians deemed in-network, all plans must ensure that you do not encounter medical care interruptions and must ensure that you have adequate access to care.


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How it can work for you with the 'one-plan strategy'

Medicare Advantage plans are increasing in popularity due to the predictability they provide, in large part. By providing predictable copays, capped annual out-of-pocket spending, and reliable low or zero-dollar premiums, these policies help you better control your expenses.

Currently worth over $1,200, Medicare Advantage plans also offer extra benefits that continue to drive more and more retirees to enroll. Medicare Advantage and Medicare Advantage with Prescription Drug Coverage policies typically provide additional benefits in addition to large networks and low-cost premiums, such as:


  • Dental

  • Vision

  • Hearing-Loss Coverage

  • Over-the-Counter Allowances

  • Telehealth Benefits

  • Fitness Options

  • And More


In addition, the medical and prescription drug coverage premiums and benefits are merged into a single package with either one low or zero-dollar premium charge, making it easier for you to keep track of your health care costs and get back to retirement.

Considering if a Medicare Advantage Plan is Right for You?

If you have concerns about plans for Medicare Advantage, reach out to us! We are pleased to address your needs and assist you in deciding if a package for Medicare Advantage is right for you. 

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