What Are The Health Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

What Are The Health Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

A gardening boom especially for seniors in the United States as the pandemic lockdown began. It wasn't just toilet paper and hand sanitizer that people were storing up on! Seeds, compost, and bedding plants were being emptied off garden store shelves by some. Historians think this isn't surprising. People sometimes feel a need to go "return to the earth" during times of crisis, even if it's simply their backyard or a container on the balcony.

Even before the epidemic, a slew of recent scientific studies demonstrated the benefits of gardening for good aging. We can reap the following advantages:


Boost Mental Well-Being


It has been discovered to lessen the risk of dementia by lowering the risk of brain-damaging health disorders like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression. Planning our garden, selecting plants, and determining the best time to harvest provide us with beneficial brain activity.


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An Uplift in Mood


The mood boost that people get from various activities, and gardening provides a benefit comparable to walking, riding, or dining out. They discovered that while working in a community garden raised people's emotions, gardening alone resulted in higher satisfaction and contentment—a welcome addition in these days of social isolation.


Better Nutrition


Growing fruits and vegetables is a terrific way to encourage people to eat more nutritious, fresh foods instead of processed foods. According to studies, those on fixed incomes and those experiencing economic instability as a result of the pandemic were able to supplement their food budget by growing their own food.


A More Powerful Immune System


According to a study, those who garden had a lower rate of "immunosenescence," or the immune system's age-related reduction in efficacy. They also had reduced amounts of “inflammaging,” which is a type of low-grade inflammation that is frequent in older people and increases the risk of infection, cancer, and inflammatory illnesses.


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What Are The Health Benefits of Gardening for Seniors


An Effective Workout


Gardening enhanced daily activity, cardiovascular endurance, and manual dexterity in older persons. It also lowered waist circumference. As we prepare the soil, plant, water, weed, and, of course, collect the flowers, vegetables, and fruits, we get plenty of exercise and burns as many calories per hour as walking or water aerobics while also providing flexibility and muscular toning.


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Spend More Time Outside


Numerous studies have demonstrated the advantages of spending time in the fresh air and vegetation. Going to the park or even sitting in the yard can seem like too much effort or too monotonous at times. People who have a garden, on the other hand, spend more time outside. While we should apply sunscreen to protect our skin from UV radiation, some sunshine exposure is necessary for seniors to obtain enough vitamin D.

Reflective Moments


We're hearing a lot about "mindfulness" these days. Gardens can be "personal sanctuaries" where older folks can remember and let their minds wander. “When you're gardening, time can feel like it's slipping away from you,” they remarked. “However, 'nature's time' isn't merely a fabrication of our imagination. Gardening has been demonstrated to affect your perspective of time, with gardeners saying that time seems to stand still when they're in the garden. So, without thinking about everyday duties, abandoning yourself for a few hours on nature's clock can be a terrific way to take a breath and focus the mind.”



Give Gardening A Shot


If you haven't gardened in a long time or are new to it, now is a fantastic time to start. Even if you don't have a yard, you may grow herbs in pots or construct a container garden. Carrots, lettuce, kale, and hot peppers, for example, don't require much space. These can be grown in tiny gardens or pots. Hanger tomatoes, which can be grown on your deck or porch, are another option.

Gardening can be a great pastime for your loved one and the family caregiver to undertake together if your family employs in-home care services to enhance their well-being. The caregiver can go to the garden center and pick up plants, or your loved one can come along and browse for that perfect tomato plant, depending on their immunization status and doctor's advice.




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