How Do I Pick an Unbiased, Helpful Medicare Adviser?

How Do I Pick an Unbiased, Helpful Medicare Adviser?

You can make all the difference by choosing the right Medicare expert!
Knowing who to trust for Medicare coverage when it comes to shopping will make all the difference. To help you avoid salespeople who just want to sell you a product and instead find a professional who has your best interests in mind, we have put together a brief guide. You normally have three main choices for helping to find coverage when it comes to Medicare:


The Agent for Captive Insurance


A Captive Agent is a person who is directly employed by an insurance provider such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Humana, or any company providing insurance benefits from Medicare. These agents are somewhat similar to a car salesman who works for either a dealer from Ford or Chevrolet. They may be very good at what they do and may even have a good product, but bear in mind that they are only paid at the end of the day for selling you the one product they have rather than helping you find the best one for you.

Second, you will have to consult with a Captive Insurance Representative from each insurance provider to thoroughly compare the options and then work through the results yourself to find the correct offer for you. This might result in 5, 6, even 10 individual meetings, maybe!


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The Independent Insurance Agent 


An Independent Agent is usually self-employed and has arrangements with several insurance providers instead of being directly employed by an insurance provider so that they can give you a more impartial approach to choosing the right product. This strategy would undoubtedly save you countless hours of study, help you avoid numerous individual meetings, and by simply presenting the side of your choice by side, save you hundreds of dollars on your premiums.

Although the Captive Agent is a much better choice, one thing to remember is that independent agents are usually self-employed with little or no support staff. If you were to need assistance with your policies after your initial enrollment, it is possible that your agent is either out of town on holiday, busy with other customers, or worst of all, actually left the industry leaving you to deal directly with your big box insurance firm and its 1800 phone tree.


Medical Insurance Broker


The Independent Insurance Brokerage 


An Independent Insurance Brokerage is basically a team of independent agents benefiting from a larger company's stability and support. As a customer, what does this mean to you? In one spot, you can talk to a Medicare professional and compare the top insurance providers while getting the peace of mind knowing that you have a whole team behind the insurance, rather than just one person operating out of their home.

One of the most intimate and critical aspects of your retirement is your health insurance. You probably don't think about your health insurance every day if you are like most individuals, but you know how important it would be to have a trustworthy expert on your side when the day comes that you need to use your coverage.




The single most important factor is to compare your coverage choices, regardless of how you want to shop and participate in Medicare coverage because there is no right insurance provider for everyone.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For any of the following resources, you should never be charged a fee. Your insurance coverage compensates for each of these types of agents when you enroll. Regardless of whether you want to use an agent, broker, or register directly with the insurance provider, the amount you pay for coverage is exactly the same.



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